Monday, 7th January

There’s no such thing as “cruising ” if you want to keep progressing, and keep changing your life for the better.

Cruising shuts down something in the brain, that stops you trying so hard, and eventually gets you “going through the motions” which eventually gets you quitting easier than you ever thought.

You are either moving forward or falling back. Make your choice, and get off the sidelines and get in the game at least THREE times a week with us.

You have to be ready to “hustle”, and find a bit more out of yourself. You FIND a bit more out of yourself when you either MAKE your session or you find an EXCUSE not to make it.

You can look at yourself proudly in the mirror when you show up, and challenge yourself to become better.

You will let out a big sigh in disappointment when you miss a session, you will have regrets when you miss a week but part of you really gets lost when you miss a few weeks, because you know you will have to reset your brain, get the charge back in your body and prove to yourself what great things you can do again.

The great news is I am here to hassle, hustle, push, nag drive you, annoy you at times, motivate you, and DO THE THINGS I KNOW THAT ARE NECESSARY to get you to be the best you can be.

I still believe in ALL of you, are you ready to hustle and find a way no matter what?

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