Day 37 Your key 5 days-sun to thursday

Day 37-work, rest and play       

Most people will concentrate on one or another, some will train hard but eat what they like, some people will eat very well but not want to put much effort into their training, some will eat well and train hard, but never hit the sack much before 12.

Any of these combinations makes your progress not so good as it could have been. Sometimes you can’t get all three in of course, but that’s life and you should try and still do the best with what you can.

If you look at it like this, you should aim for Sunday to Thursday as solid, no nonsense types of days when you nail it every day, you eat good fresh food, you train with real energy and drive and you make a point of getting to bed on time every night. This should be within most of your abilities.

Obvious exceptions will include those with young children, but I have to be honest and say that many with young children I train are actually some of the very best performers!

Other obstacles to having very good Sunday to Thursday include drinking wine or beer in the week. I love a beer as much as the next man, but you really don’t need it in the week as it will put a big dent in your progress.

Your training drive will be diminished, you simply won’t feel “up for it” all the time. Alcohol will also encourage you to eat higher fat foods on the same night, and the morning after. Alcohol drives blood sugar levels up, then they come crashing back down which in turn creates a savage hunger at times. Then, when you wake up, you crave anything fired to satisfy your hunger upon rising, anyone know what I’m talking about??!!!

One more thing about alcohol, there are over 120 sleep disorders out there, and around 80 of them are linked to alcohol. So you may think that the extra glass of wine will make you sleep well, but the opposite is true. When you don’t have good sleep, you become irritable, your performance goes down, you crave fatty and sugary food etc etc.

You can see now that it’s a great idea to really concentrate on Sunday to Thursday and really get it almost perfect. Most people aren’t invited to social functions in the week, so it’s ideal to get foundations firmly laid around this time every week.

Everyone loosens up the weekend a bit, and when you do, you will be comforted in the fact that you have had a great week, your performances will be at the upper levels, your cravings for fatty foods will be at their lowest and your sleep should improve greatly.

This site is all about performing at your best, feeling your best and trying to live the quality of life that you always promised yourself.

To do this, life is full of challenges and obstacles, this is just one more but you have every ability to get over it again. There’s heck of a difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it, so let’s make it happen!!

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  1. Have upped my jog from 20mins to 30mins this a.m, felt it was time, to be honest Ke, it is getting easier. Know I have stayed the same last week but I find for some reason that my breathing is much improved, even without the pumps and I find myself asking did I really need them. Before I put on weight, when I run I had a breathing pattern, 1,2 inhale 1,2 exhale, now what I mean, I think we all have a pattern of breathing when we run. Well since I have started this challenge my breathing has been laboured, GASPING really, no rhythm, no matter how hard I tried to get back to my pattern I could’nt. But this week it is all falling into place, and I stopped using my PUMPS last Monday. Think I got to rely on them too much, better without them. As for above it is hard to try and get it right, the EATING, TRAINING, SLEEPING. Although personally I dont see the point of training really hard and NOT EATING RIGHT, it your training to LOSE WEIGHT, its a waste of time, all that effort wasted. Goin to be pampered now and have my hair done with Andrew in Carmarthen, taking my dinner with me, chicken and rice with veg and an apple. Jean

  2. nice to see you upping your stuff Jeany 😉 i’m tsking my pumps a lot less than i used do too.Think i’ve mastered the training just got to get my head round this eating proper and sticking to it,cos the summer is only around the corner it will soon be here.

  3. Hi Cyril, good to hear that you have mastered your training, that is half the battle, your eating will soon be there too, it is not easy but these sacrifices are worth making now, as you say the SUMMER will soon be here, com on Cyril. Had my hair done today with my son, he told me to take the photos off my fridge, they are of me as I am now, and put photos of myself that I aspire to become, he said if I keep looking at those photos, that is how I will see myself and nothing will change. I need to put something there that I can aspire to. Also he told me the same as Keri, chuck the scales, dont weight all the time. If I cant do that he told me to stick 9st on the dial, if that is the weight I want to be, that way I wont see the dial. Well my LUNG CAPACITY has much inproved, as I now look forward to my run, where as I used to dread it, bought 2 pairs of running shoes 2day, so I am good to go, no excuse. Goin to do my indoor workout now, post later. Jean x

  4. Sounds like you are doing really well Jean!!
    It’s a good feeling when you know you are improving.
    Cyril, you are right about the summer being just around the corner.It’s been 2 months since Xmas already, hard to believe.
    My shoulder pain has gone and I trained yesterday for the first time since last Thursday. It was not as tough as I thought it would be, and I really enjoyed being active again.
    Keri made me think long and hard about my midweek drinking. I LOVE a glass of wine and will sometimes have a glass with dinner. I looked back over my notes for the past couple of weeks and discovered a few more glasses had been enjoyed than was good for me!!
    So my wine day is going to be Saturday (not ALL day of course!)
    ROLL ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!

  5. you are sounding like a pro again jean, you always know what to do, now you are doing it, thank you!

  6. JEAN
    look back to your posts a couple of days ago and see creeping negatitivty!

    Shows change can happen in an INSTANT and you have proved that! Different girl now!

  7. wine will make all the difference in the week debs, and you know it. The results you get from avoiding all of that will be substantially better for sure!

  8. Hi you Guys, finished my indoor workout, only took 13.46 cos I left the STEPPER out, want to run in the morning and that stepper gives me a bad back, best to leave it rather than not be able to go for a run 2mo. Debs, glad you are better and back to training, you really dont need WINE in the week Debs, I used to have lager every night with my hubby, now he drinks alone and I have FRUITS OF THE FOREST SUGAR FREE JUICE WITH WATER, drink it by the bottle full, and I dont miss my drink in the week, although my hubby will ask me every night if I want a CAN, like he askes me in the supermarket if I want ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, blueberry muffins, I say no NOW. Think he is getting the message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Ke, I was negative last week, I think the turning point for me was when I proved the doctor wrong, when he said I could’nt train for another week, and that worked out OK for me, and I wondered what else is he wrong about, so I chucked my pumps, I dont recommend it for u Cyril, dont do as I do, it is just that I have never accepted that I AM ASTHMATIC, think it may have been a one off, and they do tend to give them out like SMARTIES, just my opinion, anyway we’ll see. No need to thank ME Ke, THANK YOU, cant wait to christen my new trainers 2mo, CALVES really sore today, after hill workout yesterday, could feel it running home from the country park this morning. Nite Nite Jean

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