Thursday, 3rd January

I had to form an insurance policy when I first went self-employed. I knew that without my health, I would struggle.

I knew I had to be on top form ALL the time. This is when my eating became more serious.

This is when my sleep became religious.

This is when I made sure I was still putting some exercise myself. In short, I had to put all the unseen work in.

I had to get rid of distractions, and find a way of getting through mountains of written work, in the days before facebook, messenger and having to drop messages to people literally by hand through their letterbox first thing in the morning.

Energy was the key, then find more energy, then when business kept expanding, find another sea of energy from somewhere else.

The good news is that energy does expand over the year, if you do the basics right, and be ultra-consistent with your habits.

You fend off more colds, you realise that food, exercise and sleep can be a very valid form of medicine.

You boost your immune system daily, and make your choice on where you want to be in terms of future performance.

Of course anyone can still pick up a cold, flu and other nasties, but you must make your own self-insurance policy up.

My income, my impact, my business, my family depend on me strong in terms of health (and I touch wood when I say this), and they support fully my aims through the great food I have at home daily from Nicola.

This single factor has helped made me have a long career, helped me have mega-energy days and helped me finish the day off strong, after a very early start.

Don’t want to make this I’m a smug git post. But I do want to impress on you what it really takes to perform at the best of your ability, all year long. Don’t make any compromises when it comes to your health.

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