Wednesday, January 2nd

Magnificent day one, huge effort from everyone and a magnificent effort from Emma Williams‘ class outside in the cold.

Easy to talk about success all the time, but let’s talk about people who were doing their first session in a while today, about those people who are ill and can’t train at the moment until they recover, those who want to train but can’t seem to get over that mental wall they are sometimes imprisoned by.

The gym is never complete until you get a vast array of characters, battling to do something special and often incredible. We made our reputation on being the underdog, and turning bad situations for people into strong opportunities that they can thrive on. The more underdogs we have the better, because we know we can turn that fight deep inside of you into something powerful and unstoppable.

We are a group of people who secretly like it best when we are written off by outsiders (those who are deeply negative in their outlook). We know how to turn that negativity into good productive things once we get a sweat on, and then keep repeating this process until our progress becomes so good people can’t ignore us anymore.

Being written off helps us enormously keep our edge, and only increases our focus to keep getting better.

When you get back to hitting those weights, then those great feelings will return for you too if you are struggling in any way right now. We are all about going hundred miles an hour most of the time, but sometimes it’s great just to get a session in no matter how fast, how hard, how slow, just doing something is the “victory” moment, that will only set you up for another memorable year.

All of you who are struggling right now, STAY the underdog and get ready to bite hard again when you feel up it. You will soon be unstoppable again.

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