Sunday, 16th December

I have trained a lot of people with a lot money, lots with no money whatsoever, some in terrible health, some in good health, some with huge egos, some very humble.

When this is all stripped away though, all of them when faced with adversity and their health failing, told me they would give anything and everything just to have their health back so they can do even just “normal” things in life again.

Money, ego, possessions, don’t matter a thing when your health is gone and not coming back.

As you get older, you realise that the simple things matter. Good health, family, close friends and the positive impact you can on people around you.

That’s how I wake up every morning ,what can I do today to help as many individuals as I can, thats my burning question immediately when I wake up every day.

People talk about Christmas presents but how many people do you know who would just give anything just to feel good again? Just to be healthy again? Just to breathe normally again? Not to be back and fore to hospital all the time? Just to be out of extreme pain?

Unless this real gift of health is with you, then all the things in life you take for granted are impossible. All the excitement you deep down crave is impossible. The adventures in life you desire are impossible.

I know some of you have deep stories of sadness and are recovering though your exercise and eating well. Many of you have turned impossible situations into great joy and great victories, and you have inspired so many people with your incredible journey.

Christmas is a time of joy for many, but for some of you this is not the case. 

 We wanted you to know that we support you on your journey of recovery, support you through your hardship and with grit, determination, consistency and effort, we know deep down that you are the next great inspirational story waiting to happen. 

All you have to do is keep taking action, the fog will gradually clear and great things will eventually come back into your life again. 

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