Thursday, November 8th

Here’s what I will say and is 100% true. Loads of you are on fire, on form, in the flow, making great performances look easy, feeling amazing, and it’s wonderful to watch.

You need to appreciate this moment though and cherish it.


You never appreciate how good you are until you have time off training, so keep your best friend going-MOMENTUM.

Those of you struggling to make it, lacking motivation, struggling full stop-WE FEEL FOR YOU.

There’s an incredible atmosphere at the gym right now and we want you to be a big part of it again.

BUT here’s the big advice. We want to help you, we want to lift you up, we feel you deserve to feel incredible but you have to SHOW UP, that’s the BOTTOM LINE.

I know lots of you have been ill, but if you are better, the climb back up starts with us. We want you to feel welcome, we know some of you have drove up to the gym before and struggled to get out of the car, it’s tough starting back, we know that but we want to support you.

Getting through the gym door is your hardest task right now, and I want you to know I have the BELL and WHISTLE ready to take you to new heights.

Our huge investments in the gym are for you, and we want to give you a thousand per cent again. This is the massive run up to Christmas and give yourself the greatest present ever of great health, which is the key to everything positive in your life.

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