Thursday, November 1st

Here’s a lesson for all of us.
I was used to a sunny attitude on holiday, people in California were blessed with a positive outlook, enthusiasm and a willingness to use their environment for good. For the record, I stayed in areas that real people live, not typical tourist areas so no false smiles were required.
I got back into Heathrow and the friendliness vanished, no thank you’s or please’s or smiles for that matter, this wasn’t the first time this happened to me on a return from holiday, you may have experienced the same thing. Would I let it affect the rest of my day/week/month?
The sun changed to rain, the warmth to cold icy rain.
Does our place we live in determine our environment or are we all actually in charge of it?
Then I realised that controlling our attitude is not difficult at all. I carried that attitude right into the gym tonight and I saw MANY sunny attitudes and positivity in return.
Our culture and attitude at the gym is all important. How we think, who we associate with, how we encourage each other to think is vital, we all need EACH OTHER to create our own magic kingdom of positivity and uplifting thoughts, on a DAILY basis.
One smile at the gym can break down barriers. One bit of help on one exercise can lead to lifetime friendships.
Listening to someone else’s bad day and offering them a positive way out or solution can literally change their day from depressing to uplifting in a few simple words usually drawn from experience.
Your attitude comes from your own head. Who you hang out with directly affects how you feel every day. Give up on your dreams and you will lose you mind.
All of us need to fly as highly as possible, and our daily environment dictates whether we get held back, or we rise to incredible heights.
I see every day what an incredible environment can do, here’s my invitation to you to only make it better because it’s very precious to us.
Here’s to a place where literally anything is possible.

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