Thursday, 4th October

Your clock is ticking, and you never know when it’s going to stop.

I urge you to keep taking action, and live your live at an elevated level.

Many of you know this and have lived this for a long time, some just getting used to the taste of being fit and healthy.

When you have time off from the gym for whatever reason, your muscles go softer, your whole body feels softer.

Next time you come back, everything feels tough. The next session though feels a little better, the session after feels a lot better, and before you know it, you get back in the swing of things, all it takes is time.

Your body hardens up, you breathe better, and you become more optimistic. That last word “optimistic” is not a lie, exercise will give you stronger hopes in life.

I spoke to someone today who came off anti-depressants for the first time in TEN years. That person confided in me how important exercise now was for his FULL recovery. That rammed the message all the way home to me that exercise and eating right cures a lot of ills.

I know many of you have been through hell, and then back again, but the stories of hope and elevated mood enhancement I see every day are very REAL indeed.

Here’s reality check time. If you aren’t making your sessions, then you will struggle with everything more, you won’t feel good, you will become downcast in your moods, and you will soon start to feel older than you actually are.

Reality time on your food time. If you still eating 2-3 courses at home every day, then can I ask why? UNTIL you start to eat smaller portions and one small meal at a time, you’re kidding yourself if you think you will be long term successful because IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Secretly you know this to be true however you hate me right now, but it’s my duty to tell you the truth.

We are all about picking you up in life, but we are also about giving it to you straight. Get serious about your training because its the best medicine you will ever get.

Get serious about your food, if you are secret eater its tough, but it needs addressing. The time for losing lots and putting on lots is destroying your health, every time you do it, your body rebels more every time.

We want to help and support you in your difficult journey because if you are eating more than you say, drinking more than you say, then mentally you are struggling and living often vicious highs and lows mentally.

Find solace in our gym, find pain relief with our dumbbells and have a smooth ride every day with our bikes, treadmills and rowers. Our environment is custom-made for you, we welcome you all with open arms because the life you deserve is shaped decisively by your everyday habits.

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