Sunday, September 30th

Are you right now thinking and preparing for your physical efforts this week? And the close relation those efforts will have towards your good mental health?

Or do you view this week as some kind of “chore”, as something you may/may not show up for, if you haven’t got anything else to do?

Guess which mindset will bring you success?

Your priorities are what matter.

Your way of thinking will be “let’s do it” or “let’s get out of doing”. Don’t pretend to be in the middle, you are either in one camp or the other.

If you don’t feel like you can do it, and you haven’t done much exercise since school, and you are in pain often, then
life will seem like a struggle right now.

Driving EVERYWHERE is easier and more comfortable than walking ANYWHERE. Life is a b.tch and life is somehow “against” you.

Reality is that life is not always against you, someone in the same circumstances as you as often proved the odds wrong and gone on to achieve staggering things, bring fulfilment and long term happiness, which everyone deep down is looking for.

Happiness starts when you get your get your red tshirt ironed for tomorrow, this will already be a signal to your brain that you mean business this week.

Fulfilment comes when you complete your three or more sessions this week, and you got a little better each time.

Completing a full week means you are reversing the ageing process or at least slowing it down. It means that at this age, you can still grind it out, and discovering you still have grit in you feels pretty amazing and you can apply that grit to so many other things in your life.

Some of the greatest trainers in the gym and elsewhere have a small little journal. A life story of progress, and a record of what they did last time, and several years before that. A journal will bring you pride, but also give you the day to day road map you need to always rise above your past performances, or at least stay in the same range.

Is this week going to be the start of a new story for you of consistency, pride and achievement?

OR will you stay in mediocrity claiming to go to the gym but never actually showing up?

Only you make the choice, and life is NOT against you. There are more opportunities now than ever in history.

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