Wednesday, 12th September

Cozying up for Autumn

Hello to everyone, brand new and old regulars at the gym. I hope everyone is well and feeling good heading towards Autumn. I’ve not written a nutrition email for a while as I’ve been busily experimenting with my own eating habits and trying out recipes that are both nutritious and great for energy whilst maintaining satisfaction in the taste department.

Autumn is a great time of year as nature naturally sheds the carnival of colours from summer and the process of quieting down begins in preparation for the winter months.

This is the same for us. Autumn and Winter are naturally a time for us to begin looking within and start the process of quieten down for Winter.

The body will naturally begin to crave lovely soothing and warm foods at this time of year. Soups, stews, casseroles are the order of the day!

Delicious warm and inviting hot drinks such as homemade hot cocoa ease us into the colder months and can be made without any additional additives or preservatives.

These types of meals are naturally high in vegetables and are bursting with nutrients and vitamins as it’s very easy to get hold of good quality seasonal produce from the local area.

So look within yourself. Are there times during the day when you feel like you need to slow down and be present? Take the time this week to sit down and saviour a warm bowl of homemade soup and watch the beautiful changes of Autumn unfold in front of your very eyes.

Take inspiration from the following recipe which showcases the type of flavours from this season’s bounty.

Enjoy the rest of the day,


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