Monday, 10th September

horoughly enjoyed everyone’s company today, morning and evening sessions. The new programme is great to teach too, but it helps heck of a lot with such a great attitude coming from all of you.

Thanks for your feedback, thanks for your honesty and thanks for your blood, sweat and tears.

Together, we all help get our minds right and a state of mind where we have endless opportunities in our lives.

By sticking with us, and the tough programmes, you have proved to us and to yourself that if you can stick this out, then you can use this toughness in the rest of your life too.

Do me a favour and chase down opportunities, chase down the things that make you truly happy and don’t stop until you get them. New horizons await, new situations are waiting for you to show your talents, and you have proved you have the grit and determination to succeed in anything you put your mind to.

Take full responsibility for your decisions, actions and who you let into your life.

I have seen many people get to the top in a lot of fields in life and the ONLY major constant in that rise is that they NEVER gave up no matter how many times they got kicked down.

Dust off your knock backs and get back up there to show everyone what you have to offer, and keep chasing and hustling until you reach your own personal summit, whatever that may be.

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