Friday, 7th September


You start off really well, and you think for a moment you are going to become that person who gets through everything perfectly with zero challenges and you will sail through everything.

Then a big WAM! Comes and knocks you back on your backside.

The journey you are on isn’t easy, so I’d better tell you the truth.

You will have many challenges in life (as most of you know), so combining exercise with all of this seems hard, tough or impossible to some.

I’m not going to hold back by telling you that you need to suck it up and STILL get your workouts in. Your life DOES NOT not put on hold ever, and this is why you should never put your exercise on hold for temporary challenges that come your way.

You will deal much better with brick walls/huge stress IF you use the greatest stress buster of all time ALONG with it. I have seen endless situations helped with exercise-ENDLESS, and so many of you get enormous strength deep within from being strong, fit and healthy.

On the other hand, I have seen people hit the wall, quit exercising and never make it back, and their life spirals out of control. It’s harder to get out of a deep hole, than get through a temporary wall with the positive support of your friends. With support and feeling fit, you deal with deep negative emotions far better and you get to the stage where you’re ready to SMASH down that wall.

No matter what wall you have hit, you don’t want the wall of POOR HEALTH hit you too, because then every wall becomes 100 times harder to climb over.

So expect walls to appear, but expect yourself to keep up your energy and positivity by still hitting your workouts hard, so you’re always on an even keel and ready to ATTACK any challenge that may come your way.

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