Thursday, 6th September

Here’s why some people get to where they want to go and a whole lot more, and some do not.
1. It’s not a lack of ability, all of you have the SAME ability.
2. You will quit at some stage when doubt enters your mind, OR you keep going and carry on thru the tough times and pull thru a champion.
3. “Stories” enter your head, such as you have found a new “revolutionary” short cut to do this, or you can take some fat burners that will do it (that ultimately messes your insides up), you are “persuaded” to give up by friends who promise you that “one life you have” and living unhealthy is actually “cool” somehow, its always “gin or win o’clock”.
4. You either keep REMEMBERING what got you so far in the first and keep it simple and achieve incredible success, or you have enough of that, and you veer sometimes way off course, go round in circles and sometimes it takes a lot of courage to even admit that you need to get back to basics, and do it the right way again.
5. To be successful, you need to be a student all your life, accept you don’t know it all and we ALL are learning for life. I see people who are resistant to change all the time, and I see true students, and the STUDENTS ALWAYS WIN!!!
6. You think and accept we all have 168 hours week, and MAKE time no matter what, or you use fake excuses about time. Try getting up earlier to MAKE time. If you are watching endless box sets, you are WASTING your time full stop. Enjoy them fully if you want but NEVER complain you aren’t as healthy as you could be-STRAIGHT CHOICE right here.
7. You either love the process of self-improvement and the pride that gives you over time, despite the daily grind, or you aren’t ready for hard work and what it takes. You must realise that hard work every day is part of life, or nothing gets done. Laying in bed leaning everything to last minute is a recipe for disaster, Love your ambitions, but don’t hate the process or your life stays in quicksand.
All of these points are up to you and YOU ONLY. STOP blaming others, do positive things quietly and don’t broadcast your every move on facebook, then your positive daily moves GET DONE without you even thinking about them.
Go to work and do all of these if you want to achieve greatness.

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