Friday, 27th July

Here’s the thing on quitting. You do live with it in your head for a long time, and one thing you don’t need is regrets to play with your mind.
So many of you who initially quit (for whatever reason), regret the time you quit you tell me in messages, but may not realise it until a year or two later, after you realise that short cuts and fads don’t work.
You tell me that even 2 years later, you are glad you got the fire in your belly to join again and finally achieve your goals but you also say that if you HAD kept it up, imagine where you would be now.
The ones who didn’t quit are people you see in the gym each day. They are not big talkers. but they are big achievers.
They thought of quitting too, but somehow managed to get through it the tough times, and developed the mindset of a champion.
I think everyone at the gym has special ability, but that ability hasn’t got any chance of coming out UNLESS you stick at it.
People aren’t a lot different, most of us have 99% the same DNA but it’s the 1% between the ears that ultimately makes the difference, keeping going when you have every reason to quit.
Everyone’s journey is different, but often the ones with the least advantages are the ones who succeed the most. They started off with little, and with each run up the ladder they appreciate how well they are doing, how well they are feeling and how far they have come.
With any effort in life, whatever path you choose to follow, it’s the QUITTING you need to avoid, because every time you will go back to square one and live with the regrets of what could have been.

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