Friday, 6th July

To have a go or not.

Most of us worry about what people think of us, which is often the kiss of death to our ambitions, dreams, and teaches us not to kick up a fuss, even when we know what we are doing is often not for us.

Many worry if they get enough “likes” when they post on social media, when instead they should just post what they believe in if they think it can help people positively.

Some choose a “safe” career path because that’s what “everyone” who mattered “wanted” for them, even if they aren’t engaged in what they do and all they dream of is their “pension”, wishing their lives away instead of making a meaningful positive contribution in life that they could be proud of at the end of their days.

My kids have started writing cartoons, a bit basic to start with but they are quickly getting better, now they are funny and the stories more and more inventive. Nobody is holding them back, they are just pumping the stuff out, with practice and they are improving fast.

Their stories are individual, colourful and straight out of their minds. No copying. I applaud their efforts, and they continue to get better. Kids and people in general get better when you give them a chance, and encourage them to get better.

Most of us have deep ambitions within us to do something magical as kids, but that is often stamped out of us by endless rejections of our own “art” and our own interpretations of what our work should be.

Chances are that if you have more encouragement along the way in life, instead of painful rejection, more of us would end up doing what we really want to do. 

Accept rejection though as a fact of life, and as a sign that all you need to do is work on a better approach, success will come to you as you keep on refining what you do for the better, and you keep sharpening your skills.

Accept too that the path you really want to be on means you will leave people behind along the way. True friends don’t hold you back and tell you that you cannot do it. They will be honest with you, support you but at the same time tell you the stuff you need to work harder on to get where you need to go.

Whatever stage in life you are at, get out of what people think is “ok” for you to do, and get after what really matters to you, and go after it with everything you have.

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