Thursday, 5th July

Your day is dictated by every hour of the day.

Getting up late is a bad start, and makes you in a rush for the rest of the day, AND makes you irritable!

Miss breakfast or eat a sugary breakfast and you have a huge spike in energy upward, then the most depressing low.

Start off with sugar, and your body will crave sugar, and a lot of coffee usually too.

Get into work and if you rely on buying food at work, then its unlikely you will ever get in shape. Prepare better food the night before, and you will be ready to feed yourself properly.

The company you keep or listen to during your day will make or break your day.

Lots of you are being told right now “why go to the gym!!! It’s too warm!!!!” Truth is that you are only showing them up, and their lifestyle choices are being exposed.

You won’t get ONE person who is fit and healthy and happy with their life telling you not to go to the gym, that’s a fact.

If you skip the gym on your way home, you won’t sleep as well, your irritability won’t be worked out and you will likely not feel at peace at home. Not working out is known to rise anxiety levels without you even realising it.

All I know and seen over the years makes me say that relationships work better when both partners exercise. Your love life tends to work far better when you exercise, and exercise affects everything positively at home.

These are the facts, make your choices on where you want to be and how you want your life to turn out.

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