Friday, 29th June

Keep it simple 

Summer is an excellent time to start simplifying the food we eat.  Fresh food in season is delicious and full of nutrients.  Also, keeping food simple means less time wasted in thinking about recipes and trying to find all of the ingredients!

This is one of my favourites for breakfast, snack or simply as an alternative to ice cream on a hot summer’s day.  

There is always greek yoghurt in our fridge, but you can use low fat or non fat if you prefer, alternatively use a Vegan yoghurt such as Alpro vanilla which is also nice.

Greek yoghurt with strawberries and raspberries


3 heaped tablespoons thick greek yoghurt 

1 handful of fresh strawberries

1 handful of fresh raspberries

1 teaspoon maple syrup


  1. Place the greek yoghurt in a nice bowl.
  2. Add the berries on top and drizzle with the syrup.  Simple!

Have a nice weekend,


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