Thursday, May 31st

Getting you to make the connection between exercising/eating well and feeling better is one of my main mighty tasks. I know deep down when people get it, and results are usually a key indicator.

But results over longer timeframes matter more. You can exercise for one month, get some results but if you crack on your eating, and pledge privately to “beat the system”, then cracks in your results start to happen.

Then you start blaming yourself, you “aren’t good enough” to exercise, exercise “is not for you”, and so on, when the heart of the matter is always you need to KNUCKLE down and eat healthily and make a true lifestyle change.

For example, if you aren’t prepared to get white bread out of your diet, then you are always going to be swimming in quicksand in terms of progress.

If you are yet to discover 100% that exercising has. a direct effect on your mind AND body in a hugely positive way, then it had better hit home soon.

It will make the difference between MAKING WORKOUTS and finding excuses TO make them, rather than inventing or accepting reasons why you can’t.

Telling those closest to you how vital your workouts are to you is a massive start, and a key component.

Telling those close to you that you don’t need white bread etc in your house and them accepting would be a massive help.

Talk to the close to you, don’t fight it, those who love you will truly support you.

Get your mind connection right with exercise and food, and your results will last for life and often be incredible.

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