Wednesday, May 30th

Here’s a VITAL MUST READ post that WILL impact your day and thoughts right now.

EVERYONE who has achieved success with us has worked hard. They have got through tough sessions they thought they couldn’t, they have FITTED in sessions even when they thought they didn’t have time.

They have not only battled their bodies, but sometimes had even bigger battles with their minds. We salute them and their incredible stories.

For those of you who haven’t long started, and work, family life or whatever time related activity is getting in the way, the easy temptation is to quit and say “I will be back” when things get “easier”.

I don’t really believe things will get easier at all because life is TOUGH. But here’s the thing I want to tell you!!!!!!!!!

If you say “I will be back”, then often it will NEVER happen because your momentum is GONE unfortunately. All that courage you had to start with will have to be plucked up again. It can be an agonising process.

We have MANY of you who quit, then couldn’t get your courage to start back until TWO YEARS later, and then you tell me you are so gutted you let TWO YEARS pass!!!

You imagine HOW GREAT you would now look and feel IF you had kept it up. If you stand on that cliff edge, then you MUST PULL BACK and start to realise that you can be INCREDIBLE.

We al have 168 hours in the week, get to bed earlier, get up earlier and pack more in your days EARLIER in the days when you have ZERO distractions.

I want you to make the most out of EVERY DAY, have incredible weeks and months, and for you to NEVER REGRET one more day, one more month and definitely not TWO LONG YEARS or MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message me or even better, get your behind to the gym for the ultimate inspirational medicine!!!!!!

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