Tuesday, 29th May

Mastering a few basics will give you the true “secret” to the success you really want. Instead of trying to do ten things at once, and not doing ANY of them particularly well, just concentrate on doing a few things well, that undoubtedly will give you great success.

Drinking more water every day doesn’t sound that hard, but how many of you forget to do exactly that? Which leads to tiredness, irritability and mediocre performance? Mastering this habit is huge part of your success, do it until it becomes second nature.

Are you showing up to the gym 3 times a week? Or are you once a week one week, then 3 times the next, then we don’t see you for 2 weeks? If that is you, MASTERING showing up 3 times without fail will transform your body and mind. Do it so often that it becomes second nature.

When you go shopping for food, do you put mostly nutritious food in there, or is half your trolley rubbish like white bread, sugary or “diet” drinks, ready meals, processed hams or lots of full fat cheese? 

You need to make your choice, that “rubbish process half” will get eaten, don’t pretend it won’t. Your shopping trolley needs to be mostly GOOD food that will nourish your body and not make you feel like crap. 

Again try mastering this habit until it becomes second nature.

Don’t look for gimmicks and fads, and trying to do ten things at once. 

Concentrate on getting a few VITAL things right or your progress falls flat on its face. You will only be able to master a few things, but that would mean you become ultra successful at what you do.

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