Wednesday, May 16th

Everyone has it in them, everyone has it in them to do good to great things.

The problem is if you are a starter and not a finisher.

Getting across a finishing line is a challenge, and most of you need to realise it’s the FINISHING part you need to conquer.

If you start then quit, start then quit, start then quit, then you will probably keep that process going until a light bulb moment comes on for you, or some desperation moment comes when a doctor tell you that you HAVE to do this. I
hope nobody gets that latter conversation but we do have many as some of you know.

Whatever task you are aiming at, stay concentrated on THAT task only. If its eating a healthy breakfast every day, then don’t try to eat every meal perfectly straight away because it’s impossible and doomed to failure.

Perfect is word you need to forget because it plays games with your head. For many people, if they don’t do everything “perfect” they give up. Perfection is YOUR ENEMY because its humanly impossible.

Finishing tasks, finishing your week off by showing up 3 times times, finishing by drinking more water all week is true success.

Finishing off your week by NOT drinking alcohol 3-4 times this week is success. Cutting that down even by a day is success this week and means you can finish a goal/target.

Start crossing the finish line, however short that line may be away. Most of all, stop being someone who starts things regularly, and quits often because you try to take too much on to start with.

Every week has a finish line, are you going to cross it or get stuck just after the start line?

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