Wednesday, May 2nd

You can’t get going.

You don’t want to get going.

You are de-motivated.

You are struggling.

The missing link here is the motion your body needs to get into. The motion makes your brain makes better decisions, makes your body think clearer and makes your brain make better decisions in your TRUE self-interest.

Your true self interest must be to feel better, and I deeply believe you can if you change your strategy right now.

Don’t rely on some magic “someday” happening to get your “mojo” back, its not going to. Your mojo returns when you get your trainers on, and get those arms and legs going again, when you get your heart rate going again, you know it, I know it so you better get your behind out of that “quicksand” you’re stuck in right now, im betting strongly you can do it, there’s no other choice for you.

You have to see your moment EVERY DAY. Your daily movement is your SPARK plug you need to bring you back to life, to bring you to a better place, to a place you always wanted to be but frustratingly, you slipped back several times letting your mind play tricks with you.

This is a call to all of you deeply struggling with your mind, PUT your body into action, and that’s how your brain THINKS BETTER. The motion must comes first, this is HOW it works.

I’m calling on you to show courage, get the t-shirt on again, show the inner pride again only YOU can show. Time to think, but more importantly, TO DO!!!!

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