Monday, April 30th

The effort you need to get where you want to be is never going to be in a straight line.

It is filled with obstacles, winning moments, dead ends, delays and wrong turns. Your job is to stay optimistic and faithful on your journey. If you stay with it, then great and wonderful things WILL happen.

My greatest moment is when I see one of you finally “getting it” and realising you need to stick it out, eat right for a lifetime and finally accept that.

You need to accept that are no short cuts, and when you binge all weekend or maybe all week, the only person you are hurting is yourself, nobody else. It brings pain and I hate to see the hurt it causes many of you.

Whilst junk food brings short term “comfort”, it brings longer term misery and a feeling of worthlessness too, because you know you could have done better but somehow didn’t.

Commit tonight to doing it better. Don’t buy the junk in, commit to making at least 3 appointments to the gym EVERY week, and see the incredible places this approach will take you to.

Your choice after all, so stop cheating yourself and do it right and get great results and energy FOR LIFE.

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