Sunday, 8th April

Being positive all the time is tough for all of us, including me. People will provoke you, cross you, do things that wind you up, and we are expected to keep the stiff upper lip.

This unfortunately what we must do, we must never lower ourselves to other people’s actions.

Studies show though that having a positive culture (like we have), increases performance in our members and business and means that more people show up because they like to will therefore do well.

Positivity can affect our family lives too. If we are moaning a lot about our days (and we have ALL been guilty of it), then the gradual wearing down can have a massive effect on home life.

Compare a home to where you support your kids, to one where kids are always run down as if they are “no good” at anything. I don’t have to tell you which home wins long term.

Supporting people is vital. Many of you support other members behind the scenes, lifting them up when they feel down, when they feel as if they can’t go on. We are indebted to you for doing such magnificent work.

When the choice comes between being negative or positive, try and be a little more positive however tough it is. I am a big believer in telling it straight and saying the truth.

The truth and telling it straight will eliminate the occasional time wasters who come to us. Time wasters are bad because they dilute the time we could be spending with YOU, and every second we spend with you is vital.

If a negative situation arises now, I go for the jugular ELIMINATING it as soon as it happens NO MATTER what the initial consequences of it. We want positive people around us at all times (which we have and we thank you all for), and we will fiercely block out any negativity that threatens to poison that.

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