Friday, 6th April

Why the hassle of posting constant messages? Because we give a damn that’s why!!!

I’m not one to give myself “time to get into it” after holidays, we need to get back into it and it’s already happened in a big way so thank you for all of that!!

More big performances this week, more big efforts above and beyond the call of duty, and WE LOVE IT!!!

Scheduling your time is of paramount importance, and if you haven’t got a workout scheduled, then you’re out of luck when it comes to being healthy and to being in shape, because it’s not going to happen.

You will schedule in a meal in a restaurant even if its not that good, you will schedule in a date, you will schedule in a coffee in costa or some other corporate chain, you will schedule in your dentist and solicitor.

Your workouts will have a direct and powerful effect on your health and you’re still not scheduling them in? Incredible statement but maybe true for some of you.

Here’s the deal, I’m going to be deeply relentless until I get the very best out of you all. If you don’t like that or not up for it, you don’t have to train in such an intense place.

I just can’t “go through the motions”, I have to give it my best each and every day!!!! Get fired up, show deep emotion and let’s finish off the week in an incredible way!!!!


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