Tuesday, 5th December

Christmas gives us a chance to breathe more easily, and a rest is coming, but it’s not christmas yet and I sincerely thank those of you who are giving it all in december just to feel your best, and you are not settling for mediocrity, you have higher standards than that and you are shooting for the moon.

This new programme is exactly what you need, it’s exactly what you need to drive you up to the next level both physically and mentally.

You need to be strong in all areas, you need to be more flexible all over and you need to have high concentration levels to carry all of the new exercises out to the level they meant to be performed at.

This is the challenge in front of you and the challenge I’m very positive all you are capable of meeting.

Look for more out of yourself because your body is ready to adapt, look to drag yourself up to the next level because that initial period of discomfort will lead to you getting used to being an even better athlete.

20 days to Christmas so let’s give it everything.

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