Day 21

End of the 3rd week, and this should be a time to reflect on how well you are doing, how your life is being improved in all areas and what you have in front of you.

What my job usually is on this type of thing is the “why”. You all should pretty much know”how” to do this type of thing, the home workouts, the outside stuff such as cycling, running, walking, swimming etc, its all pretty much out there now and you should be able to make some kind of effort every time.

The “why” though is different. Chris L for example, before he lost his 15 pounds already, felt like throwing in the towel at least once. I know others have felt the same too. The feeling that you want to “chuck it all in” is often overwhelming when times get a bit tougher, and its when you resist to this feeling that you are really winning! Overcoming challenges makes you feel amazing after all.

Remember when i said before that most people’s new year’s resolutions are often all over by valentine’s day, this is very true and in reality, most people’s new year’s resolutions are all over right now. They have caved in at the first sign of pressure or hardship. Their motivation has gone but i tell everyone that motivation doesn’t last forever, but structures do.

None of us every day wake up feeling hugely motivated EVERY single day, life sometimes doesn’t allow that to happen. However, if we have a good structure in place, eat a good breakfast, lunch and evening meal, and snack healthily, drink enough water, sleep well etc, we are likely to be very successful indeed!

If you read some of the posts by the users, there’s never huge problems with the workouts usually, its your state of mind that always plays tricks with you. It’s always the WHY! Some of you will look for excuses to quick and to feel sorry for yourselves, i’m not buying them so i wouldn’t even try if i were you!

Some of you now are falling down one day, but the ultra-important thing is YOU ARE PICKING YOURSELF RIGHT BACK UP!!!! Now that is the exciting thing for me and it should be for you too! You are winning and are learning “why” you fell down in the first place. THAT IS MAJOR PROGRESS and the true secret to ultimate success, now you have it let’s pick yourself up EVERY SINGLE TIME!

You will get knocked down at times, that’s life remember, but i want you getting your behind’s off the floor EVERY TIME. You either want to be successful or not, and this challenge is no time to be a baby or lie on the settee on a sunday, let’s get out there and show the fight that’s really in each and every one of you!


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  1. 98 unique visitors now debs so adding daily, nearly at big 100, so pleased with your weight loss, but as you know, your inch loss will prove even more impressive over the 12 weeks, you can do it!

  2. Day 21 already the days are flying by.
    Right big effort today. Going to try exercising like you and Cyril have mentioned, today and every night this week. Will let you know how it goes.
    Got the veg in already so no excuses for eating crappy stuff.
    Have to remember to drink loadsa water though.:)

  3. trust yourself on do the workouts, eat well, drink enough water, get your sleep and be positive about your effort, dont let anyone put you off. Amazing results guaranteed!

  4. didn’t workout Sunday day off
    breakfast Baby Porage OJ
    snack nothing
    lunch Sunday dinner chicken and 5 veg
    snack nothing
    tea chicken sandwhiches and tea. late night tonight watching the Superbowl look out later i’ll be sleeping in a bush somewhere up the track 🙂

  5. only thing is Ker i may have had the odd treat the weekend, but still ain’t lost any weight still bouncing around this frigging 18 st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I’ve made drastic changes food wise and exercise yet havent lost any more than the 10lbs…..only thing i know i dont have enough of is water and sleep.Never have been much of a sleeper.The less i have the better i feel and if i doze off for a min or 2 i’ll be going to bed around 2ish no matter what time of the day i do it and still get up at 6ish……

  6. stick with it and its about to happen for you cyril, your body is in its last stubborn stage, you can do it trust me and soon you will be in hte 17stone, and then below that, its the journey that shapes you and truly the most unveiling part of this whole things, please don’t quit now, you’re almost there and 10 pounds is still great!!

  7. nah i wont quit dude 🙂 cant wait for this weather to break though, so i can have so heat on me doing these workouts.Has my wife says at least you aint going up,so with a bit of luck i’ll start going down in weight soon i hope 🙂

  8. Hey Cyril, had to post u b4 goin mate. SSJ asking if BABY PORRIDGE was the one in jars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could’nt stop laughing, he does’nt know u wont MAN UP to the REAL STUFF. Dont worry bout your weight Cyril, I was posting that I hadnt lost again last week, went over the top on Sunday, chips and all, and weight this morning b4 I go and have lost 2lbs, so think I needed that little cheat to shift me, PLUS it gives me the incentive to stay with it this week. Cant do any training, have BRONCITUS, peak flow down to under 200, b lucky if I can walk, at least if I am in the caravan I can rest. Have a good week all, WENDY, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GIRL? COM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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