Monday, January 2nd

Most New Year resolutions never last past Valentines day, some last just days.

It takes a change in mindset, and choosing a path to create long lasting change for both your body and mind.

If you have hit rock bottom, that’s sometimes the best place to be because you are really ready to change, and immerse yourself into a healthy lifestyle.

You need a plan that challenges yourself and takes you to the next level continuously. Most people try to do it their own way, but lack direction after a couple of weeks on how to keep improving, despite endless information out there that only confuses people more.

You must know by now that doing a little treadmill and bike occasionally doesn’t create real change for your body, even worse signing a contract to a gym where nobody ever helps you, and hopes you never show up.

You need to accept there is a better way and that includes making training to get stronger the foundation of what you do. This will change your body shape above anything else.

Set realistic expectations, aim to be the best you can be, don’t worry what you were like when you are 18 or 21, being a great version of yourself at 50 is going to be an exciting challenge, and entirely within your capability, and there’s every chance you will look better than ever.

Eat real food, “powder” as meals is not only unsustainable and dangerous, it’s downright miserable and you know it. Be creative with your meals and don’t buy rubbish into your house into the first place.

Occasional treats are great but that’s no reason to bring multipack versions of anything into your home, constantly leading you into temptation. You WILL eat junk if it’s there.

Strive to get just a little bit better every week, choose healthy habits 80% of the time and a rewarding healthy lifestyle will stick if you keep giving it a chance.

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