Wednesday, 7th December

Amazing day at the gym today, especially with the break in the weather, hazy sunshine and the whole area looked magically better.

Wherever you are in the world, the day looks a whole lot better with the sun out!!People’s attitudes were sunnier too, i noticed the difference in shops, at the gym and out and about on the hill. It really makes that big a difference.


If you look at it rationally though, our lives haven’t changed a bit since yesterday or at least for most people. The government is still the same, the council still the same, our relationships the same, our friends still the same yet we are so much brighter today.

It shows the power of changing our state of mind, and using triggers to do so.

The sun and warmer air will have done it today, but exercise and eating right does it every day if we give it a proper chance. Rosemary Thomas, 73 years, told me this morning that she has so much more energy now every day, and would spend the rest of the day after training cleaning the house. That lady is ALWAYS on the go, and even she has seen a massive boost in her energy levels since she started training properly.

There are many triggers to change our state of mind but exercise is a guaranteed ever-present way to turn even the gloomiest of days into a productive, energy-rich and positive day.

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