Sunday, 3rd January

We have a “20 mile march” attitude to our gym, our training programme, our eating programme and our philosophy in general.

The 20 mile march is simple, it is to get from point A to B in the quickest, safest and most sustainable way possible, addressing challenges along the way, dealing with them and marching on with a well-thought out strategy of being in it for the long term, and always doing the RIGHT thing for our members no matter what.

You get many trying to sprint before they can walk, often blowing up before they get a even a mile down the road. These include those who offer you faddy diets, such as cleanses/detoxes/eliminate food groups/shake and bars types of diets. Whilst you will lose weight, you will always pile it back on and more, leaving frustrated and angry that you fell for products that only “cowboys” sell, that take you to the cleaners and your wallet.

If you really want to go the whole 20 miles, then you need to start off steadily and at a sustainable pace. Making wholesale changes to your diet immediately is too much and you will be likely back to square one relatively soon. Make one change in your diet, sick to it, once that becomes normal for you, then make another change, then try to master that and so on.

Mastering the basics and making them an engrained part of your lifestyle are vital to your success, and you lasting the journey.

Mastering the fundamentals mean you appreciate what works for you, and you will be less tempted to veer off course for all the “cowboys” waiting to steal your money offering their “magic beans” just like Jack and the Beanstock.

So this week, start off as you mean to go on. Making solid food choices, showing up for your workouts, realising the value of sleep, and staying positive knowing that as long as you keep marching forward, you are going to be a REAL success story that will likely be in great health and in shape for a lifetime.

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