Care for yourself

If you look after others, and most of us do in some way or another, you need to look after yourself to begin with. Family and friends, people you work with may rely on you more than you ever thought. When it all hits the fan, you’re bound to be in demand and how much energy you have will be crucial.

Your ability to look after, and help others will be helped a great deal by your own fitness and health, if you’re not fit and healthy and have some energy in reserve, how are you expected to look after others? If you don’t exercise, then you’re nowhere near the help you can be. If you eat badly and carrying around extra weight, are you going to struggle to do as much as you’re needed to do? You may let others down unless you have drive and determination to spare.

If you do train hard, you do eat well, and you don’t drink to excess, you have lots of energy and drive in the bank and you will be able to dig deep and give those who rely on you a much needed helping hand. You should look at doing this programme not only for yourself, but for those who rely on you too. Being fit and healthy means you are ready for anything, so let’s keep active and don’t let the snow become the latest excuse in your life.


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