Breakfast ideas


Vitally important and a very good start to the day


150ml of low-fat bio yoghurt with 1 medium banana chopped in, half a grapefruit, a slice of wholemeal bread with either a small amount of honey or a small amount of olive oil spread

400 calories


150ml low-fat bio yoghurt topped with 50g of no added salt/sugar muesli and a portion of strawberries, with a small piece of bread with a small smearing of olive oil spread

414 calories


Beat 2 egg whites and one whole egg with 2 tablespoons of skimmed milk. Toss eggs in a bowl coated with low-fat spray or no spray at all. Have one piece of wholemeal toast with no butter and you have a god meal with a good balance of carbs and protein. Have a big glass of water and a great breakfast!

317 calories


Two Weetabix with a big spoonful of walnuts and skimmed milk, a small portion of apricots, a piece of wholemeal bread with a small smearing of olive oil spread, with a little honey, and a glass of diluted orange juice

507 calories


Some low-fat natural fromage frais with a level teaspoon of honey and a slice of melon, plus half portion of chopped almonds, with a piece of wholemeal toast with a very light olive oil spread

487 calories


Porridge with skimmed milk and sultanas as a sweetener

284 calories


Wholemeal toast with cottage cheese for energy

166 calories


2 poached eggs on toast without spread on one piece of wholemeal toast

275 calories


1 big banana mashed with kiwi fruit and some lemon juice on a slice of wholemeal toast with no spread, with a glass of skimmed milk

273 calories


2 egg white omelette with peppers and mushrooms with one piece of wholemeal toast

219 calories


Fruit salad with natural low-fat youghurt

156 calories


A milkshake with 200ml of skimmed milk with a banana, small amount of orange juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and drink chilled

268 calories


100g of Muesli with no added sugar/salt plus 100ml skimmed milk

215 calories

2 Replies to “Breakfast ideas”

  1. 400-500 calorie intake seems a lot for breakfast though? I’m probably wrong but being a cereal person, what would you suggest cereal wise for breakfast which would be low on calories but filling?

  2. 400-500 calories does sound a lot for breakfast if you have been brainwashed by calorie control diets that are constantly printed in various newspapers and magazines most days. You mentioned cereal boxes, so the next time you have some cereal, try looking at the side of the box and you can see the recommended calorie intake for adults.

    For a man, it is 2500 calories per day, for a woman it is 2000 calories, so you can see that 400-500 calories is not that bad an idea?

    Also, don’t forget that breakfast is always an essential start to the day to get your metabolism going, and really gets some energy in your system when you’re faced with a big day. If you tried eating 500 calories for breakfast, lunch and evening meals, you would still only be consuming 1500 calories per day, and that’s when snacks are vital to boost your healthy calories up again.
    Did you know that under 1200 calories per day is considered malnourished, and a dangerous situation indeed in health terms, so re-evaluate and really concentrate on your food selections from now on.

    The deal on “cereals” is that most of them have little or no nutritional value, and the choices i have posted are highly nutritious, satisfying and carrying a healthy degree of energy giving calories, designed to give you a great start to the day. If you look at mosty cereal boxes, crunchy nut corn flakes, special k etc, you can’t compare them with the highly nutritious porridge and quaker oaks.

    You may call it boring to start with, but adding dried fruit etc for some flavouring can make it far more palatable. You taste buds can take 12 weeks to change completely so do your best, and tell me about the benefits as they happen.

    Good luck TS!

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