Tuesday, 29th October

With all the volatility in weather terms, avoiding storms, huge amounts of rain falling, temperatures rising and then falling quickly, this is an ideal time to become acclimatized to the upcoming very cold winter temperatures to come.

Instead of waiting until January to experience the unpleasant shock of your lungs not going to be able to inhale the very cold air, now is the perfect time to experience a more gradual change in the weather.

So instead of disappearing from the colder and wetter weather by taking up permanent residence on the settee, its surely time to get out in the fresh air even more and expose your lungs to all the changes to come.

Another good reason to do this would be to keep yourself in the shape that you worked so hard to get in during the summer. Don’t go through the agony of putting all of that hard work in, and then pile the weight and body fat all back on again.

We have 8 weeks left to Christmas and this is a perfect time frame to allow yourself to put a very good training period in.

The weeks before Christmas are often more important than the ones afterwards, because going into Christmas IN shape will feel fantastic, and allow you to avoid the torture of battling the bulge after overdoing in the Christmas holidays!

So it all starts here, keep doing your running, your cycling, your sprints etc, its all going to be much more valuable than you think

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