Thursday, 1st August

Catherine’s question about “do you need protein shakes” and does it depend on who you are and what you are doing in terms of activities to justify drinking these shakes, is a very interesting one and a question I have heard more and more over the last couple of years in particular.

The real truth of the matter is that IF you are getting enough balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, then you do not need all of these extra supplements including protein.

If you are skipping meals though, and have trouble getting enough protein into your day, then protein shakes can be handy, and in the case of certain athletes, much more necessary depending on their chosen sport, which we will talk another time about.

The lean protein sources from natural foods include chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, cottage cheese etc.

If you feel you cannot get most or any of these into your day, then you either need to look at your planning and preparation, which means making your next day’s food the night before and putting it in the fridge ready for your next working day, or you can make it first thing in the morning to make it even fresher!


If you have a job that involves very little time for eating for whatever reason, its this situation that can be perfect for the convenience of protein shakes, and will make sure you get regular meals even if they are in liquid forms for 1-2 meals a day.

It must be remembered that food supplements are exactly that, SUPPLEMENTS and not REAL FOOD. So real food is the first choice but protein shakes can be a substitute when no other food option is available.

Protein shakes only all day are seen by many as a quick weight loss tactic, unfortunately this is another short term method that will set you up for longer term failure.

Protein shakes can be very useful when used properly and when used to suit whatever lifestyle you lead.

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  1. Thank you for answering my question, Keri.

    It seems like every one and their mother takes protein shakes these days and I was wondering if I was missing an important part of my routine. Seems like as long as my dietary intake is ok, then I don’t need them.

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