Thursday, August 16th

Fat in your diet has always been the ultimate sin for many people, “avoid at all costs” is often shouted from the rooftops when it comes to losing body fat. Unfortunately, this statement is only partially true.

Saturated fat is the true baddie, with the potential to clog up your arteries and cause all sorts of health problems, and in particular raise your chances of having a heart attack markedly.

Saturated far can raise chances of contracting any serious disease, so it’s a great idea for you to eat red meat for instance, just once a week. Anything in moderation is okay, and common sense must be used with the foods that can cause you problems if consumed too often.

The “good fats” often termed essential fats, and plenty of them do exist, should play a major role in your diet.

If fish isn’t a major part of your diet, then you need to ask yourself why not, as it contains lots of important fats that your body needs to function properly in all areas.

If you don’t include nuts in their natural form in your diet, then you’re missing out again on a great source of essentials fats for your body, not only that but your immune system too.

So we have established fats are important for your diet and wellbeing, but this won’t mean so much UNLESS you get refined sugars out of your diet.

Putting sugar on top of your cereal or adding to your tea/coffee is something you need to eliminate straight away, the effect on your physical appearance will be dramatic given time, and will take that sweet tooth away for good.

If that sweet tooth is always there, then you’re always liable to come totally off your eating programme, because the temptation for excess sugar will always be there.

Taking saturated fat AND refined sugar out of your diet will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the way you look and feel.

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